Bonded Date: February 1, 2018

Gender: Female
Affinity: Silent Song
Secondary Alter: Deep Shadows
Special Stats: None
Circle: None


The crisp, earthy scent of nature after a rainstorm fills the air. Droplets of rain water from the night before cling to the flowers and leaves, and occasionally some let go and fall to the ground with a soft pitter-patter. The air is cool, as the sun hasn’t quite risen above the thick foliage just yet. Warm rays peek through the bushes and trees, lighting up the meadow with thin streams of light. The light reflects off the misted plant-life, causing the entire meadow to sparkle like glitter.

Resting calmly along the riverbed, sits an elegant, majestic creature. Her short body hair appears a soft white, but as she moves it seems to glimmer with shades of pink and grey. Pewter-colored bangs flow down into her face, but the rest of her mane is braided tightly along her neck. As the braid thins, the hair winds around the base of her neck and blends into a soft rose color. Deep, watermelon-colored eyes pierce through the soft white face. Stark markings of various blacks and pinks make her body appear almost shattered, the point of impact being under her chin. Large, semi-transparent wings stretch backwards along her back like insect wings, pinned back until they are needed. White and pink pearls cling to the bases. Lastly, a thick pewter-grey tail flicks back and forth behind her, the strands seemingly unable to tangle.

She grooms herself, cleaning the damp hair from the raindrops that fell the night before. She is silent. She is gentle. She is at peace, fearing nothing of her surroundings, knowing that here in the Mystic Vale she is safe. Finally, the sun peeks out over the hills and her body lights up, glistening as if her hair was silver and the pearls were diamonds.