Bonded Date: August 3, 2013

Gender: Male
Affinity/Parents: Altar of the Forest Song
Special Stats: None
Circle: None


Deep in the thick forests surrounding the Mystic Vale, and shallow swamp stretches out over a few miles. Murky water sits still under a thick layer of algae and lily pads. Dragonflies zip around the surface, their wings resonating a constant buzzing sound.

A shy, but gentle creature wades through the deepest parts of the swamp. The dampened hair on his body shines a deep green, a dull contrast to his bright red eyes and mane. Golden spikes pierce through his mane and out of his hocks, which match the color of his front hooves and rear claws. His short reptile-like tail helps keep his balance when he moves through the thick waters.

The murky waters are his home. The buzz of the bugs, his escape. He prefers to keep to himself, and is often protective of his space.