Bonded Date: April 23, 2012

Gender: Female
Affinity/Parents: Eternal Sun
Special Stats: None
Circle: None


A wide open field stretches out before you, with mixed grasses as high as your thighs. Bright blue and violet wildflowers dance around you, and the soft breeze whispers through the air. Trees that bear fruit line the edges of the field, and mountains stretch to sky beyond the trees.

You take a step forward, and a dark figure steps out from behind the trees. Bright teal eyes glare at you through deep, crimson red hair. As the figure steps forward, the body of a horse emerges, sleek grey like the shadows from which it came. She steps towards you, and a voice echoes in your mind.

Welcome. My name is Flux.
Rest here, traveler, for your journey has been long.

She leads you to a small opening by a creek, and settles in to listen to your tales of adventures.