Bonded Date: July 2, 2013

Gender: Male
Affinity/Parents: Altar of Deep Shadows
Special Stats: None
Circle: None


In a far away land, there is a canyon known as the River of Flames. Various types of black and brown marble line the canyon walls, with a floor of obsidian sand. The marble walls stretch over 30 stories high, jagged and sharp. The desert floor flows through the canyon like a river, with multiple species of desert greens and flowers sprouting from the sand.

The sprouts don’t survive for very long, however. A soul has haunted the canyon for centuries. A steed with velvet black hair and a bright, fiery red mane and tail rides up and down the river of marble day and night. A storm of fire engulfs his legs and hooves. The flames are so hot, they burn bright blue and devour nearly everything in its path.

As he canters through the canyon, any wildlife that had begun to grow incinerates, and the small fires cast blue reflections on the marble walls, lighting up the entire canyon in a blur of aqua blues.